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Webinar: Work Release, Day Reporting, and Halfway Houses: What Impact Do They Have on Public Safety?

To watch the archived recording of this webinar, click here.

Hosted by the National Reentry Resource Center

This webinar will provide a general overview of work release centers, day reporting centers, and halfway houses. The presenter will discuss the specific target groups for which these sanctions are designed and how various jurisdictions identify and assign offenders to these programs. The presenter will also discuss how these options might be used in combination with other promising practices, specifically looking at the Hawaii Opportunity Probation with Enforcement (HOPE) model, which incorporates “swift and certain” responses when a probationer violates conditions of probation in order to correct anti-social behavior at reasonable costs. The last half hour of the webinar will be reserved for attendees to ask the presenter questions.

Date: Wednesday, April 10, 2013
Time: 2:00-3:30 p.m. ET

Kathleen Gnall is an independent criminal justice consultant with extensive experience working with criminal justice professionals, policymakers, community and business leaders, social service providers, and members of faith-based and non-profit organizations to enhance public safety while improving individual outcomes. Ms. Gnall spent 17 years with the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections (PDOC), where she served as: Executive Assistant to the Secretary of Corrections; the Director of Policy, Planning, Research, Evaluation and Grants; and the Deputy Secretary for Specialized Programs and Reentry. She holds an MA in Government from Lehigh University and a BA in Politics summa cum laude from De Sales University.
Beth Skinner is the Reentry Program Director in the Council of State Governments Justice Center’s National Initiatives Division, specializing in reentry efforts. Previously Ms. Skinner worked in community corrections for 10 years with the Sixth Judicial District in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. She held several positions with the Department, including Residential Officer, High Risk Officer, Residential Supervisor, Social Services Coordinator (Housing), and Special Services Probation/Parole Supervisor. As a supervisory capacity, she managed a multitude of programs, including the residential, reentry, workforce development, community service, and internship programs; the sex offender unit; victim services; AmeriCorps work crews; quality assurance; and housing. She has her MA and PhD in Social Work from the University of Iowa, with a concentration in criminology.

  • Skills & Expertise

    • Expert Witness in prison adjustment, determining risk for reoffense and offender reentry.
    • Expert witness in Juvenile Lifer Without Possibility of Parole (JLWOP) resentencing.
    • Public Policy Analyses
    • Criminal Justice Research and Evaluation
    • Data Collection, Analyses and Presentation
    • Grant Writing and Management
    • Public Administration
    • Strategic Planning
    • Program Development and Monitoring
    • Public Speaking
    • Legislative Testimony
    • Leading Collaborative Teams
    • Training and Development
    • Budget Preparation