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Past Webinars

Kathy has developed and delivered several webinars for the National Reentry Resource Center (NRRC) operated by the Council of State Governments.  Thousands of listeners from all fifty states, Canada and England have tuned in to learn more about how evaluation findings might be translated into policies and practices to enhance public safety by improving offender outcomes.

Kathy’s webinars have both the highest number of participants registered among all webinars offered by NRRC and the highest level of satisfaction among webinar listeners.

Comments from Webinar listeners:

Today’s webinar was extremely informative, and being from Virginia, assured us we are most definitely headed in the right direction. Many of the suggestions we are already doing here in the Virginia Department of Corrections. Ms. Gnall did an excellent job—hats off to her and her expertise!

Kathy, Thanks for sharing your expertise with us. I view many of these and found yours to be one of the best I’ve ever viewed.

I participated today in your webinar on Reentry Plans offered by the National Reentry Resource Center. It was a very informative and helpful session and I thank you for taking the time to share some of your lessons learned with those of us on the webinar.

Brilliant!!! You did a fantastic job! Very knowledgeable and energetic!!!!

Please contact Gnall Consulting, if you are interested in having Kathy develop a training, workshop or webinar for your organization or professional association.  Check the upcoming events on the homepage for future webinars and conference presentations.

The audio and slides for the following webinars may be accessed at the National Reentry Resource Center website

How Organizations Implement Evidence-Based Practices: Strategies, Tips and Tools
Delivered June 12, 2013

Halfway Houses, Work Release and Day Reporting Centers: What Impact Do They Have on Public Safety?
Delivered April 10, 2013

Learning from Those Who Succeed upon Release: What Strategies, Approaches and Tools Made a Difference
Delivered August 14, 2012

Considerations for Developing an Optimal Individual Reintegration Plan: Balancing Offender Needs, Community Factors and Practical Realities
Delivered July 11, 2012

Implementing Effective Institutional Based Cognitive Behavioral Interventions
Delivered February 28, 2012

  • Skills & Expertise

    • Expert Witness in prison adjustment, determining risk for reoffense and offender reentry.
    • Expert witness in Juvenile Lifer Without Possibility of Parole (JLWOP) resentencing.
    • Public Policy Analyses
    • Criminal Justice Research and Evaluation
    • Data Collection, Analyses and Presentation
    • Grant Writing and Management
    • Public Administration
    • Strategic Planning
    • Program Development and Monitoring
    • Public Speaking
    • Legislative Testimony
    • Leading Collaborative Teams
    • Training and Development
    • Budget Preparation