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White Papers

White Papers written by Kathleen Gnall

Towards Safer Communities: Successful Offender Reintegration

Dauphin County Criminal Justice Advisory Board
Strategic Planning Retreat
March 21, 2013

Transitioning State Offenders Through County Jails

There is an old saying in politics: “all politics is local.” This is certainly true and is equally applicable to offender reintegration – all reentry is local.

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    QuoteSince 2013, Ms. Gnall has been working with Dauphin County to develop strategies to impact re-entry at the local level. She has been instrumental in our criminal justice system adopting a Risk and Needs Assessment (the ORAS), as well as training all county criminal justice staff on the fundamentals of evidence-based practices in criminal justice.

    As a consultant, she has demonstrated constant professionalism and an ability to understand the challenges and complexities of the local justice system while offering realistic and constructive solutions for our county to implement.
    Dauphin County, PA Board of Commissioners

    Jeff Haste, Chairman
    Mike Pries, Vice Chairman
    George P. Hartwick III, Secretary